Carla, Argentina

Since I've got it I've used several times in a lot of places.. The perfect solution for my battery problem, I can also use it with the external battery,... Continue

Joy, USA

Love these little things!
Received my chargers recently and love them! It's so convenient to have a charger right on my key ring. Works perfectly too! Ordering more for the kids to... Continue

Sergi, Spain

Really cool product
I love the product. The idea is amazing and it works really well. Only complain would be that one of the magnets unstuck and I had to glue it back. Other... Continue


Great little thing that is very useful when my IPhone is out of battery. Great customer service by inCharge team after a small problem regarding receiving ... Continue

MamboDriver, Canada

Great product
The cables work great! Only problem - I ordered 10 lightning cables and got 8 lightning cables and 2 micro-USB ... :-(

Lukas, AT

Fast shipping. Works great!

Thomas, FR

Good but !
The cable fully load my Iphone! Cons it does not support synchronization through Itune. It's a shame if this is perfect :)

jiyun, KR

thats good

Luca, AE

inCharge Arrived
all good, all perfect! thanks a lot Regards Luca

Nicholas, US

Got it
Thanks i like the product. I hope to purchase more of them in the future

Jacob, Israel

The first microUSB inCharge I received was defective but after confirming the issue, support sent me another one and it works great. It's the only thing on... Continue

Luca, IT

finally fits with the cover!

Gerard, Australia

Excellent product! I can highly recommend it for its convenience when needing to charge my "iDevices" on the go!

Carlos, ES

Better than v1
I have both versions and the v2 is better than v1. The magnet is very strong now and seems to be in a good place.

Musab, TR

I got my charger and it is better than i expected thanks a lot.

Maxim, Russian Federation

Amazing piece of art!
inCharge cable is an amazing piece of technology, it's a perfect example of a really handy and useful solution for a real world problem. Moreover, with its... Continue

Giulia, Spain

Thumbs up!
I bought two USB chargers - they were supposed to be presents, but my husband and I just cannibalised them as soon as we tried them. Just great! And just... Continue

Marcia, Brazil

I loved!
I loved InCharge! The designer is amazing and a lot of funcional. It's usefull and pratical. Tks!

Raphael, United States

Lost it
I loved it, but I lost it within 2 weeks. Too small, easy to lose.

Priyesh, United Kingdom

Quality product and perfect when you're on the go!
This is a great charger for my apple devices. I previously had a keyring charger that fell apart quite quickly, but I relied on it a lot. Immediately I can... Continue

Kimba, United States

Love my inCharge! So small and handy. Always get questions about where I purchased my inCharge. Everyone wants one!

Fabian, Ireland

Awesome work and definitely recommended!
I LOVE it! Small and awesome design. Nice work with beautiful looking materials and really catchy colors (got green and orange over here!). 'Use this product... Continue

Filippo, France

Perfectly works, magnet holds, and having it attached to a keyring makes it an invisible essential companion. A perfect reminder of how best ideas come from... Continue

Alessandro, Italy

Design: cool Materials: good Price: super! Pros: tiny and practical Cons: one of the magnet was unstuck (a bit of glue has quickly fix it)

Sven, Germany

Perfect Product
Very good cable. Unfortunately, long lead time. But perfect for pocket or key. Very good idea.

Edoardo, Italy

It is exactly what I expected. Really small and beautiful. It has already taken its place in my key ring. Let's hope it is also durable, expecially the... Continue

Niels, Netherlands

Great stuff!
Just got my inCharge in the mail today, It works great and looks sleek. Amazing job guys!

Javier, Spain

The reality surpasses the image
He is small, useful and very convenient to carry. An excellent idea.

Jim, United States

Great little portable lightening cable!
I retract my original review saying my phone would not accept this charger. It works great after I removed the pocket lint from the charging slot in my... Continue

Toby, Netherlands

The waiting was worthwhile
It took a bit longer than expected, but that's no problem. It's a nifty small cable, I like it! Job well done, Incharge team. Also nice to know; the response... Continue

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